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This rivet set makes rivet setting easy! Cut rivet at the correct height (usually the height is the diameter of the shaft, ie, a 1/8" should have 1/8" of material sticking up), then press! For flat rivets, use the hardened flat anvil and the top die, for rounded head rivets, use both dies. Made from W1 steel.   


This bit is designed for the red and blue handles.


These are made to order, please allow 5-10 days befor shipping.


Unless noted, standard tooling is made from hardened and tempered W1 steel, premium offers longer tool life and is made from hardened and tempered A2 steel. Tools are ready to use as shipped, but may benefit from final polishing or slight user modifications depending on specific use. Bit sizes are approximate, if you need a tight tolerance please contact for a custom order. Bits are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for 60 days.



Safety Warning: ALWAYS wear eye protection. NEVER overload press. Do not use so much force you bend the handle!

Rivet Set

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