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MEdelman Jewelry Press


Warning! This press generates several tons of force. Always wear eye protection. Be aware of where hands and fingers are. Tooling and work can explode or shoot out from press. Do NOT ever force the press to complete a stroke that will not easily complete, doing so could damage tools, your work, the press or cause bodily injury!


Use instructions:

BEFORE first use firmly fasten press to bench or sturdy base and properly lubricate the machine. Tighten ram guide bolt as tight as possible while still allowing the ram to move, then lock it with the lock nut.

As a safety feature the handle is made from 1/2" steel to help prevent overloading the press. If you notice the handle bending, use less pressure before you permanently bend the handle. While the cam is carbon steel, the handle is mild steel and can usually be bent back straight if you bend it. A red cam with a 5/8" handle is available, but if you are not careful you could damage the press, tooling or cause injury to yourself if you overload the press. 

To stamp, engrave or displace metal with the red handle, insert bottom tool holder in the press with a hard or soft anvil. Do not use bottom tooling holder when tooling hole is empty. Adjust the height of the screw so what you'll be stamping is about 3/32" below making contact with the tool. Pull lever. The bulk of the pressing should be done while pulling the handle down, as opposed to toward you for the most efficient contact. To use the yellow handle, follow the same instructions except the gap between the tooling and contact with the work will be about .025".

To use a disc cutter with the red or blue handle use the appropriate amount of shims to get the punch to the correct height. Use the press to make the cut. You may need to use a brass hammer to completely get the punch removed from the die.


For doming or urethane forming with the red or blue handles, use shims to get to the correct height, then engage the handle.


For rivet setting use a top die and a hardened steel bottom die for flat head rivets and use a top and bottom die for rounded rivets. The red handle is recommended for this. 


How to set up the press

The press must be lubricated to use. Failure to lubricate will reduce performance and could cause damage to the machine. Make sure the surface of the cam and the ram are covered in grease. The cam itself has an oil port that allows oil to get on the bolt. The ram guide also should be oiled. 30wt chainsaw oil is recommended. Oiling the threads on the bottom tool holder will also help with smooth operation. Running the machine dry will wear parts prematurely. Tighten the nut firmly on the bolt that goes through the cam, it is important that the bolt does not move. 

Proper lever engagement


Press doesnt feel powerful enough:

Check the point in the stroke the tool makes contact with the work. It should contact just as you start pulling handle down.

Bent Handle:

Too much pressure was applied to the lever. Hammer handle straight or place in vice and bend back. This is a safety feature to make it less likely you will put too much stress into the frame, tools and your work piece.

Metal youre working on cracking under pressure:

This is a symptom of overworking the metal. Use less pressure and anneal more often.

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